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Terms and Conditions

Each site has its terms of use. According to them, the rules for obtaining and processing information are determined. You can also find out what the service is responsible for and what data you have the right to receive. In this document, we have compiled the terms of use of our website.

By using the website, you agree to all of the rules below. The site is managed by the EssayShift.com, therefore, all the rules are guided by it. In order to be able to use the website, you must agree to the use of the website.

1. The meaning of each section

This is a guide to website content. We've put together a brief description of each section to save your time. Website pages contain EssayShift.com services, so the name “Website” refers to the number of resource pages.

You can familiarize yourself with the products offered by our server in the "Services" section. There you will find all kinds of written assignments, such as essays, essays, and research papers.

To familiarize yourself with the policy of reviewing the order, money-back guarantee and return transfer, go to the "Terms of Use" section or simply the "Terms". It contains legal provisions on the above points.

If you want to know the details about the EssayShift.com, go to the About Us section. We provide you with legal service data protected by the laws of the United Kingdom. It also contains the headquarters address.

Regardless of your role on the site, when placing an order or registering you are accepting the rules of use, that is, becoming our client. Detailed information about this is in the sections "Client" or "User".

You are probably wondering who our employees are. See the Writer for more information. There is information on the legality of employment, employment and the rules for using the service. We respect both the customer and the contractor.

To use the service, you need to create an account. His main input is login and password, which are protected as personal information. An “Account” has been created for each client, through which you get access to the personal page.

To purchase a service, start with the "Order" section. In a special form, you provide us with the details of the assignment, as well as a feedback form. Based on the completed form, we coordinate and provide you the necessary services. Also, by filling the form you give the agreement to contact you via the email to make sure we understand your requirements.

We carry out your task in the form of an electronic document and deliver it to you via the Internet. In the "Product" section you will find all the details regarding the finished work. Please note that the product was made by our writer and is the final result of your order.

Details on permission to upload files can be found in the "Client Information". This document also contains accepted standards of use, as well as restrictions on certain actions. Please note that we can monitor the amount of data used.

2. Account Creation and Ordering

From the first entrance to the site to placing an order, you are separated by several steps. Here they are:

  1. Registration on the site. To be eligible to use the service, you need to create a personal account. In it, you need to indicate your name, contact number, and your email. This data will be used to contact you. The account is coordinated by you, so you can make changes when it is necessary. Or, contact support consultants and they will help you to complete the task.
  2. To place an order for the service, you will be provided with the appropriate form. This is the only way to inform us of your requirements so that we deliver the product to you.
  3. Now you need to tell us the details of the order and delivery. Enter the required amount of work, topic, necessary resources. Make sure that the delivery address and contacts are correct because you are responsible for this. We provide services according to the specified information.

3. Payments and special offers

When placing an order, you provide us with performance requirements. Depending on them, the price for the order is formed. Here are the rules that apply to the order value:

  • We form the price of your order. If you post a form, you automatically agree to pay. After the transaction is received, order processing will be started.
  • We take responsibility for the execution of the order only after a full payment. To roughly understand what price to rely on, read the data on recent orders. We also have a section that describes pricing.
  • We offer different payment methods. However, you select one of them to complete the transaction. Contact a consultant to ask questions regarding payment.
  • Special offers appear at that time and to the extent that is decided by our service. We announce the beginning and end of discounts and indicate what they apply to.
  • If you decide to refuse our services while the order is being processed, we can return the funds to you according to our Money Back Guarantee. In case of possible problems associated with the transferor commission, we advise you to contact the bank branch. We stop the flow of funds to our account and transfer them back, and that’s all.
  • We do not collect taxes, value added taxes and are not responsible for fees.
  • When calculating the cost, the service automatically adds a local tax. This means that we take into account your location and state laws. You can see the tax amount.
  • When you pay for an order, you accept the obligation to follow the financial laws of your state in exchange for providing services.

4. Order Process

We want you to understand what steps your order goes through during processing. Here is the sequence of work after receiving the application:

  1. Revision of requirements and order details. To fulfill the conditions, we can familiarize ourselves with the requirements and adjust the details. The fact is that sometimes the conditions for quality performance are not enough. In this case, we can contact you and clarify the details.
  2. Establishment of the volume of the order. You need to specify the number of pages, based on the fact that one double-spaced page equals 275 words (one single-spaced page is 550 words). Be sure to count the words correctly. Upon receipt of the product, check according to the requirements. If we made a mistake with the volume, return the order for editing.
  3. Order adjustment. You can change the details of the order while it is being processed. If the specialist has already begun to write the task, the Client can make changes only with appropriate compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the required changes and time.
  4. Additional resources. If there is a resource that the writer must include in the work, the Client must indicate it in the application and provide the writer with this source.
  5. Interaction. We provide you with the opportunity to communicate with the performer. To do this, you need to contact support, using e-mail or a window for communication. A specialist will regulate your communication to protect the rights of both the Client and the Writer.
  6. Acquaintance with the course of events. In your account, you can see at what stage your order is. To find out more, write to our consultant from support. There, in your account, there will be a notice of completion.

5. Delivery

  1. Our responsibility is to deliver the finished product ahead of time, which you indicated as a deadline.
  2. We offer support services if you cannot figure out the receipt of the order. However, we are not responsible for cases if a delivery error occurred due to the fault of the Client (incorrect email address, blocking letters from our website).
  3. You are responsible for loading and processing the finished work. Be sure to do it on time.
  4. In some cases, defined by the refund policy, you may qualify for a review of the work or a refund.

6. Request for revision

You may request a review of the work if the requirements were not met correctly. Details of this feature are specified in the revision policy.

We may reject the request if it does not meet the originally specified requirements. In this case, we suggest that you change the details of the work with appropriate compensation.

If the Client submits many requests, we most likely will not consider them. This is because we protect the work of our authors and their rights. However, if you think that we were mistaken, contact the technical support of the service.

7. Refund Policy

We must comply with deadlines and requirements. If the service has violated the delivery time, the amount of work, we can claim a refund. To do this, you need to contact the support service, where a trustee will help you request a refund. Details of the procedure are described in the money-back guarantee. This way, you can determine the approximate amount of refund.

8. Rules for the use of finished work

By purchasing services and receiving an order, you accept the terms of use. Here are the main points:

  1. By accepting the payment terms and conducting the transaction, you agree to the price. You also acknowledge that you will not use the work for selling. The client accepts the terms of payment, which includes the work of the writer, the service and the paper itself.
  2. The product should be used in its finished form. You cannot change it, reproduce or display as a hard copy or on the Internet.

9. Plagiarism prevention standards

When ordering service and making the payment, you must agree to the rules of preservation of uniqueness and prevention of plagiarism.

  1. You do not have the right to give the received product for your work. The transfer or sale of paper or parts thereof is also prohibited. If you violate these provisions, we have the right to terminate the cooperation contract with you. At our discretion, we can also immediately stop processing or writing other orders on your behalf.
  2. Our service follows copyright laws, so we do not take part in projects that violate it. You should not add your initials to paper. Our specialists create works for familiarization and research that do not border on plagiarism. When you pay for a product, you agree to respect copyright. You can use the text if you follow quoting standards. Paper can serve as an example for writing academic or research work. Quoting must be following the standards of your college or university.
  3. You are responsible for the consequences of using the product. We will not adjust the work if you believe that it has become the reason for deductions, downgrades or other negative events. If you are held liable for inappropriate actions related to a product, we will not intervene.

10. Data security

If you are interested in the processing and storage of personal data, go to the privacy section.

11. Personal page and data protection

  1. To fill out the order form, you need to create a personal account. You must add contacts for communication, such as phone number and email. Based on the name, the service will be able to generate a login. You only need to create a password.
  2. We protect your information while it is in our hands. However, we cannot help if you provide personal information to an unauthorized person.
  3. Using your account, you can make purchases. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly update your password and keep track of your accounts. For our part, we also ensure that attackers do not invade the account.
  4. If we identify suspicious activity, we may request a change in encoding or password. In doing so, we will send you an email with details and guidance.

12. Terms of use and reasons for denial of use

  1. You can browse through the website for non-material purposes.
  2. You agree to use the service for positive purposes that do not violate the law.
  3. You must not use offensive language or distribute prohibited files that call for breaking the rules.
  4. You should not pour other users' decisions or interfere with their interaction with our service.
  5. It is forbidden to upload or share files that violate intellectual property rights.

If you violate these rules, we have the right to block your actions until the details of the violation are clarified. The threat that you provide to the service or users may be considered by the court without our intervention. If you violate the terms of use, we will have to delete your page without the right to re-enter.

13. Product and Website as Intellectual Property

We divide IPR into two categories, separately for the activity product (paper) and the website.

Rights for the product:

  • We provide ourselves and our service with the right of ownership of the product that we deliver to the Client.
  • We deliver the product to you for educational purposes, without the right to receive financial benefits.
  • You do not have the right to freely distribute and dispose of paper unless you have previously consulted with our representative.
  • We are not responsible for the difficulties that may arise after the illegal use of the product.

Concerning the use of extraneous files, you are responsible for the possible losses of the company associated with violations. Therefore, pay attention to the content of the materials that you download and their compliance with the rules of use.

Rights for the website:

  • The coding of the site, Html-documents, and the name are our property.
  • Each page of the site is protected by copyright and cannot be used without a link to the resource.
  • Text and graphic information may not be used without permission.

Upon receipt of the order, you will receive an abbreviated list of used resources. If you need a complete list of links, you can buy this service as an extra.

14. Scope of Responsibility

So that you can understand in what cases we are responsible for the actions taken, and what is beyond our responsibility, we have compiled this list.

  • The type of service cannot be changed at your request. We do not guarantee that your device will be able to display all the elements of the website. Our developers carry out the task of optimizing the website, so all the elements work correctly.
  • We are not related to local permissions. Therefore, we cannot give you access if it is prohibited by the laws of your country. If you have problems with download speed, contact your ISP.
  • Our policies do not apply to links to other resources. If you want to browse through another website, make sure you got familiarized with its terms of use.
  • We can change the information on the pages of the service at any time if it does not concern the execution of the order.
  • We are not responsible for changes to your devices. You must deal with hardware errors, file uploads or text errors.
  • We are not related to losses related to the use of the service that occurred not through our fault.

Be careful when clicking on external links and downloading files. Do not break the rules of use - and you will not get into trouble.

15. Important points

We can share your information with partner companies, contractors if we do not violate your rights. Your information can only be transmitted to improve the service. However, your rights belong only to you and do not extend to other people, even if they are your relatives.

If you violate the rules of use, we have the right to seek help from the ship’s apparatus. Usually, in the first violation, we conduct an internal investigation, and in subsequent violations, we turn to external means of regulating rights.

16. Interaction

  • To tell you company news and offers, we use an email or phone number if this is something urgent. Notifications regarding any order or other personal information come to the personal page. If the information applies to all users, you will see it on the main page.
  • To contact us, find “Contacts” and write us a letter at one of the indicated addresses. Please note that communication information is subject to change.

17. Mailout

By placing an order you automatically give us your consent to receive emails from our side. We send emails on a regular basis to customers' email addresses to keep them updated on the process of their order completion. Only this way we can provide a great customer support service to our clients letting them know the status of their orders. You may opted out from receiving updates to your email address by contacting support team at [email protected]

18. Legislative regulation

To make sure our rules are thorough, pay attention to these points:

  • We make terms of use following English and Wales laws.
  • If a dispute arises, the client and the service should come to the end of the dispute. However, if the dispute is not closed, the case will be referred to the London International Arbitration Court and examined following the laws.
  • If a case is referred to the court, it is considered separately from other cases. No one except the client can act as one of the parties to the dispute.

19. Possible changes

  1. The contents and functions of the site are subject to change at any time. We may terminate certain services or restrict use. If you are to some extent dependent on amendments to the service, we will provide you with relevant information. However, we are not responsible for cases if you did not receive our letter through your fault, for example, you did not check the spam folder.
  2. You must know the current terms of use. Therefore, with any change in the Terms, we will immediately inform you and offer to familiarize yourself with the changes. You may have to sign the agreement again. Each subsequent entrance to the site will mean that you accept the terms of use.

20. Ways to contact us

You may have additional questions regarding the information on the site. If you need technical assistance or you cannot figure out how to place an order, contact our support team.

If your question is legal in nature or requires a personal consultation, write a letter to one of the addresses indicated in "Contacts". If you have questions regarding the Services or the Terms of Use, you can contact us by mail or through your account.

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